Spring Break Fun

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The time period we’ve all been waiting for since fall and winter seasons has finally occurred.  The time where our plans for fun in the sun can finally come true.  That time period is Spring break! I’ve asked some students how they spent their spring break, and what made it so fun. 

“My spring break was fun, because I spent it with my family. We didn’t travel or anything, but we did go out to eat  a couple times within the week. And we also went shopping and to Dave and Buster, which I thought was pretty cool!” said Freshman Thomyla Simmons.

Spring break was a break that we all needed  from the cold freezing weather, not only a break from the weather but a break from school. 

” I really didn’t  do anything, but I did have a great time with my grandma and we watched movies which made me happy. Not only that, I was  doing hair and fashion during my spare time sense both are my hobbies. And I also spent time at my dads and went shopping.” said Junior Kamerie McKay

Spending the break with loved ones is the best time to bond and catch up on things and to just grow the bond even more.

“During my spring break I just took the time to relax and just took the whole week as a mental health week  , and I also took the time to catch up on work” said Junior Averie Garcia

Yes! Spring break was a really great time to just sit in and relax from all stress dealing with school and to just meditate.

“Spring break was nice but went by so quickly , I got to hang out with my best friend and went to a bonfire. Not only that I was able to sleep and relax during the week without having to get up early for school , nor stress about it.” said Junior  Shay Lyons

We all indeed needed a week off from school to enjoy the nice awesome weather of spring with family and friends. We also needed a breath of relief from stress associating with school and to just focus on our mental health state. I hope everyone enjoyed their week off as much as these students did. Anyways, continue to stay safe and remember school will be out soon before you know it!

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