Picture taken by Sydney Bustamante.

Teacher’s Experience with Virtual Learning

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Today I’ve spoken with one of our fellow teachers, Sydney Bustamante, who teaches Child Development and is the Assistant Coach¬† for both JV Girls Softball and Freshmen Girls Basketball. I’ve asked Bustamante about how her experiences with virtual learning have been so far and what struggles and frustrations she has had.

The start of this school year obviously didn’t start off on a good foot due to the pandemic, and with the district trying to find ways and solutions on how to start the year the safest for the students, teachers, and staff, they had to chose a way that everyone was hoping wouldn’t happen: virtual. Some of our teachers and staff¬† have been working during the summer time to prepare themselves for this new learning method and within that time period teachers began to gain frustrations, worries, and stress while figuring out the roundabouts with virtual learning.

“I felt anxious at first, and then after receiving guidance from Mr. Hagman and AP’s I knew I wasn’t alone and knew that we’re all in this together,” said Bustamante.

Teachers felt pressured and rushed to get not only “virtual learning” packed down, but their assignments, teaching, and best communication practices packed down as well.

“I felt like the process was rushed because we had a short amount of time to plan for virtual, but the good thing is that I planned during the summer time,” said Bustamante.

Emotions and mentality for the teachers have been a massive load of pressure and stress, while trying their best to comprehend for their students to have best understanding as well.

“[I’ve] never been this anxious, but I have to hold it together for students and teachers. Brain never stops – [it’s] just very stressful! But I’m finally getting in on a groove,” said Bustamante.

During this odd time, we all should find ways to stay positive: to keep us going to avoid stress and frustrations from taking over us.

“One thing that makes me happy during this is when kids have their cameras on; it makes me feel connected to them even if it’s odd. So as working out to relieve stress, and listening to gospel on they way to work,” said Bustamante.

This new way of learning isn’t only hard for us students; it’s hard for our teachers as well. So let’s get through this the best way possible and ask for help if you’re struggling to understand. This goes for students and teachers. Step away from the computer for a couple minutes when you’re done with school work, go outside for a walk, enjoy yourself, watch a movie, or catch up on a series you haven’t had a chance to catch up on.

“At first it was scary, but I will say I had a lot of support from AP’s and Hagman,” said Bustamante.

We’ve got this! Remember to stay positive and most importantly, give yourself a breath of relief!




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