Lamar’s softball season arrives at 7th inning

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Lamar’s 2023 spring season of softball is nearly over, and coach Damon Evans said that this year’s team was young and the season was challenging.     

This year, there were only three seniors on the entire team, compared to previous years where the team was primarily made up of senior students.  The seasoncame to a close with Senior Night on April 14, and the team’s final game of the season was at South Grand Prairie from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m on April 21. 

“It’s been challenging,” Evans said.  “We are a fairly young team, we only have three seniors, so our record isn’t quite what we want. However, we are improving and we did win our last game, so you can see the work we are putting in as a team.” 

A few of the students did experience injuries during the season that Evans said would have played a significant role in the team. Despite this, the softball team did win their previous game on Tuesday, April 11.  To prepare for the games, the girls spent time lifting in the weight room, hitting in the batting cages, and performing an in-and-out circuit.

“I feel like, at least for this year, spending time getting ready for the games and prepping have made us improve a lot individually and as a team,” sophomore and team member Ainsley Moseman said. 

Some of the girls, specifically Moseman and senior Colleen Gladback, look forward to attending practice and seeing one another improve their skills.  Evans said he enjoys the time he spends coaching them as all of the girls are unique with fun personalities and it’s special to see them grow as a unit.  

“I try to continuously give them positive reinforcements and be on their side when it comes to problems and issues in the building,” Evans said.  “I try to be a voice for them because sometimes they don’t know how to say what they need to say, and sometimes they don’t say it very well so I just try to help them with that.”

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