STAFF EDITORIAL: Metal detectors here to stay

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New metal detectors have been placed in the entrances of our school. The two detectors were delivered during Spring Break. The new detectors are placed in the Promenade and band hall entrances. When students arrive on campus they have to pass through these detectors every day to ensure no weapons will be brought inside the school. The detectors act as a  precautionary action toward potential danger.

The placement of these detectors was the right idea and it needs to continue in the near future.

With it, students won’t even try to sneak a weapon into the school because they know it can be automatically sensed. This will help the school become increasingly safer for everyone.

The detectors are also very quick and easy to use. When coming into the school all you have to do is remove your binders or anything that has metal from your backpack and hand it to the security officer. After you walk through the detector without setting off the alarm you will receive your stuff back and continue on to your destination. The probability that you will be late to class because of this process is pretty low because it moves at such a fast pace.

Keeping the detectors is something that shouldn’t even be up for debate because not only has anxiety decreased since they were brought in but it really has been efficient in detecting anything that could cause bodily harm. 

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