Boys wrestling keeps on keeping on

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The Lamars boys wrestling team has had its ups and downs with getting second in 6A District 3 championships on Feb. 3, and a freshman qualifying for regionals.

There has been a brotherhood sort of synergy established between the team members and the head boys coach Josh Sturgill as well.

“We might not be the best team, but we still strive to improve each and every day, so we can become better and better,” said junior Andy Tran. “I’m close to my team. We are like a family. We have each other’s back and help each other, and grow together and become a better team.”

Another big improvement the team has is Anthony Simpson stepping up and qualifying for regionals as a freshman.

“I love my teammates. They’re brothers. I wouldn’t trade them for anything,” Simpson said. “We’re all decently young, and it’s all founded from our amazing coach.”

Sturgill stresses that effort and team work is what wrestling is all about. 

 “It’s not the wins or the losses that’s important for the team,” Sturgill said.  “It’s how they grow as a unit and I think that’s why they have success since they are doing it for the team and not themselves.”

As the team continues to grow, the Viking family can only wait and see what they can accomplish in the coming matches.

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