Stepping Into The Season

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The Step Team kicked off the season on October 16th by hosting tryouts to determine who will represent the school and bringing in a new coach to assist with coming up with new steps. Many students ranging from all grade levels were enlisted in the step team and planned to perform at pep rallies, games, and competitions.

“Lamar high school needed a step team coach to form better relationships with students and push them in different ways to finish school.” said Mrs. Cooper “We are going to try to wear our step gear around the school, and encourage others to come out and see us perform at games, and pep rallies”.

Unlike last year, the step team plans to bring in a new coach to help come up with new steps, and movements. The step team continues to practice after school to perfect steps and prepare for upcoming pep rallies, and games; they also watch many step routines from previous years to help them gain routine inspiration and prepare for performances. The biggest obstacle that the step team faces this year is learning and memorizing complex steps, but with the rigorous hours spent practicing they believe that they will be well prepared for the next event.

“Joining the step team encouraged me to do more not only in school but in my academics” said Kymbrian Givens “It is a very energetic and fun organization to be apart of, and our team can’t wait to show Lamar high school what we are made of”.

This year the step team plans to participate in regional competitions, state competitions, and community events so they can gain greater recognition and make themselves known around the school and around the district.

“Our step team this year is a lot more organized, which allows us to get more steps and dance moves done” said Kim Givens “I joined the step team because I enjoy dancing, and being apart of the step team allows me to do something I love with a little twist”.

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