Administration says no more food deliveries

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This year Lamar’s administration has started cracking down on students having food delivered to Lamar.

“Our lunch periods are 35 minutes, and completing the ordering and receiving of food, then eating the food, within that window is unlikely” principal Andy Hagman said. “We are here to learn, and students taking time out of class to order food or eat food delivered late is not acceptable.”

Lunch this year has been challenging for some students to get a decent meal to hold them to the end of the school day. Some students complain about the lunch line being too long which does not allow them time to eat. Once they finally get their food it’s time for them to go to class.

“When there are days when I don’t have money to purchase anything from the vending machines or the store and I’m really hungry, sometimes I’ll try to hop in the lunch line, but it’ll always be too long for me to wait,”  sophomore Thomyla Simmons said.

Lots of students go to Walgreens during their lunch period to buy a bag of chips, cookies or candy instead of a hot lunch.

“I feel very upset. What are we going to do when we are hungry?” senior Lauern Carrillo said. “Walgreens is just a snack. I need a whole meal.”

Carillo said she understands Mr. Hagman and the staff’s frustration with the food delivery.

“But, I think they should have some type of system where they could limit their frustration, but also keep the food delivery alive,” she said.

Lamar staff and security officers get distracted from their responsibilities when they have to figure out who food belongs to when it is delivered. It also crowds the front of the school when several food deliveries come at the same time.

“Our staff have more important responsibilities to manage than directing a delivery driver, collecting food and communicating with students about their order,” Hagman said.

Many students who deliver to the campus are students who ddo not have any access to a vehicle or don’t have friends with one, so those students rely on food delivery to fulfill their hunger needs.

“Everyone doesn’t have a car and not everyone eats school food,” senior Shanaiya Williams said.

Some students and teachers think that having a microwave available to students could encourage students to bring their own food from home.

“We can make a microwave(s) available for student usage,” Hagman said.

One of Lamar’s security guards said not all students eat school food for various reasons.

“Many students come to school hungry most of the time,  but [they should] order food at a decent time so it doesn’t interfere with [their] class nor the teachers,”  the security guard said.

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