Viking Fest attracts crowd

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Story by Asiah Darden-Simmons

Last Wednesday, Sept. 1, Lamar High School’s clubs and organizations gathered at Viking Fest in hopes of recruiting students and earning fundraising for numerous clubs.  

The event took place outside of the Promenade, and lasted from 6 -8 p.m. 

Clubs and organizations such as sports, Student Council, Key Club, Band, Choir, Robotics, and many others were represented at Viking Fest throughout the evening.  An estimated 300-400 attended, including students, staff, and parents.  Masks were not mandatory, however, Viking Fest was held outside in order to accomodate the safety and health for those who were uncertain about attending.  Despite the changes made due to Covid-19, there was lots of positive feedback from those who attended.  

“High school and college are unique to a person’s life, there’s not necessarily going to be another opportunity to experience what you can experience through high school and through college,” Carolyn Longoria, an assistant principal at Lamar, said.  “I think that those who are invested outside of just the classroom are the students…. they have a lot of success most of the time, there is a linkage between those invested in clubs and extracurriculars along with grades… and so it’s really important for everyone to sorta find their own community.” 

Information about Lamar’s campus, sign up sheets for separate clubs/organizations, and fundraising were all activities held at Viking Fest.  Clubs who were more involved with the students (sold merchandise, had creative adverising, and effectively got the word out) captured the interest of students and parents.  

The Lamar ViQueens made $400 when participating in the 20-year-old tradition, Kicks For Cash, at Lamar High School’s Viking Fest.  Lori Woods, Lamar’s Dance/Drill team instructor, considered the event a huge success.  

“We were there to represent our organization and to just be, you know, show that we have that organization, that opportunity….just to be present,” Woods said.  

The ViQueens were there to advocate for the school’s drill team and dance team.

The Kicks for Cash fundraiser was turned into a competition between the drill team’s members as well.  The teams, which were assembled by the instructor, who raised the most money would be able to celebrate with a treat.  The ViQueens also sold Spirit wear at Viking Fest.  

“But most of all,” Woods said, “I want people who maybe need a reason to be successful in school, so that we can be that reason; and maybe people who need a home at school, so maybe we can be that home; people who want to better themselves, people who, you know, want to perform.”  

Catherine Powers, a student and member of the Girls Varsity Soccer team, showed up at Viking fest.  She did not help represent any clubs, but she did buy Lamar spirit wear and signed up for Key Club.  

“Seeing all of the booths around the parking lot was just so interesting and lively. It felt good to see people having a good time and laughing together,” Powers said.  “For the first time since COVID-19 began, it feels like something in my life is going back to normal.”  

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