Taking the Final Virtually

2020 Finals

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As we all know this school year has been unusually filled with many, many surprises, with half of the school’s population going virtual and the other half doing in-person. Well this year’s final will be different just like the first half of this school year.  There would be two days of finals this week  Wednesday the 16th and Thursday the 17th both will be half days. Virtual students will  have from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm on the day of their exam in which to complete the exams. While those who are doing in-person can take exams in-person during the appropriate period on exam days. They also have the option to do paper or online exam  they can take exams online at home following the same guidelines as virtual students.

“I’m not too  sure about the finals of this year, but I do feel somewhat confident,” freshman Thomyla Simmons said.

How do you know if you’re exempt from the finals , for those who are juniors and seniors ?  If you meet the following requirements:

• Has a grade average of 80 or above.

• Has no more than three absences in the semester in which the waiver is requested (in your class). This includes absences for illness or hospitalization.
• Has had no unexcused absences during the semester.
• Has not been assigned to in-school suspension or an alternative education program.
 Then your teacher for whatever class you meet the requirements will send you a email informing you about your exemption with a google form link tied  along with the email.
“I feel like I did a good job staying on top of my work throughout the semester to be exempt,” senior Tabria Benson said.
As I’ve said before what a weird, unusual  year not only for the students, but for our teachers, staff and administrators. I’ve asked those who are doing virtual what are their thoughts and feelings towards taking the finals, knowing motivation may not be fully there since half the population is working from home.
“Finals are weird this year,  I’m just not used to being so independent when it comes to tests, because usually we would review together  as a class, this year it’s kind of my decision. I don’t think it’ll be hard me  to wake up for my finals since they’re really important. I just want to get them done as soon as I can,” junior Averie Garcia said.
Good luck to all of you, remember to  study, don’t stress or worry. I know this year hasn’t been the best year, but we all have to stay strong through every challenge we face. Have a great winter break and Merry Christmas! And remember VFND!

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