Varsity Vikings kneel one last time before their game against South Grand Prarie. Photo by Marissa Reyes.

Football Season Recap

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With this unexpected year, Lamar High School Football had still managed to work out a season for the players. The players had an amazing season, even though they did not make it to the playoffs, they knew that they ended with a true brotherhood. The overall score was 3-6, and the score based on district was 2-4.

The last game against Grand Prairie was really emotional for most players, especially seniors. Knowing that was the last game of High school football really took a tole on some of the seniors on the team. You could really tell how much the team and the sport meant to them, and how hard it was to say goodbye.

“This team means everything to me. We’ve been through a lot together you know? They’re more than team mates, they’re my family,” Harold West said, number 10, a defensive back on the Varsity team. Last game was his last time playing with team before heading off to college. He has already made a commitment to UNT for football. He definitely has a very bright future ahead of him and  big plans for his freshman year of college football.

Coaches have had to make rearrangements during practices and games to practice social distancing with the players due to COVID 19. Players were required to provide their own water bottles, wear a mask at all times, and take temperatures before they enter the building.

“We would have daily check ups to see if we have any symptoms, our temperatures are taken everyday before we get into the MAC, masks are required, hands are sanitized at any possible place. Things like that help prevent COVID.” varsity offensive lineman Jay Brown said, number 58.

The Student trainers have also had to make changes due to COVID for the season this year. The trainers try their best and work hard to help the players be their best out on the field. They provide the water for the players to keep them hydrated as much as possible, and before games they make sure to wrap up every player that will be on the field.

“We love to help the players be the best they can be on the field,” Jordan Patterson said. This is Jordan’s second year of being a athletic trainer. “It’s really fun being on the side line, in front of all the action on the field, it gets really exciting to watch,” Patterson said.

Over all the boys have been through a lot together this season. It’s been a very tough year for everyone, but they managed to help each other and work together as a team. Through blood, sweat, and tears, they will always be proud to call themselves a Viking and be a Viking family.


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