Soccer Prepares for Successful Season

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Both girls and boys soccer of all teams have been going through hard work and preparation just to prepare themselves for a successful season, with the long practices, deep conditioning, with working on  communications skills, plays, passing, and defense.

Over the last month and part of January both girls and boys soccer have been scrimmaging and playing in tournaments. District is now rolling in majority of both girls and boys teams will be playing  their first district game against Arlington High on Jan. 28.

“The things we’re working on at the moment is moving with and without the ball on the field and having good communication”  junior Hector Rosales said.

Both girls and boys of all teams are pressuring to get down pack with having great communication on the field , because it’s so key to the game “without good communication on the field there’s no win.” JV3 girls coach Craig Eastepp said.

Players don’t only focus on just wining and calling it that they also focus on building a bond , which is very important because it leads to better cooperation on the field and fun memories to keep.

“Other than winning we focus on how we can be compatible together, how we can help each other with our grades to be more focused on our future.” sophomore Melanie Cerrillo said.

Players practice often throughout each week whether it’s during class time or after school , these practices help players build up their skill level as an individual and as a team, helping ease their weaknesses and improve in their strengths over time.

“We practice daily , this group of guys genuinely like being around each other and work very hard for each other.” Varsity boys coach Saroeun Soeun said.

All teams have different perspectives about who they feel is their biggest competition Jv2 boys feel as if Sam Houston is their biggest competition due to their skill set , communication and passing.

“I feel like Arlington because a lot of them are just as or more experienced than us , and they also communicate very well together”  freshman  Autumn Murphy said.

As of late, the teams are putting in hard work and preparation for the season, with the daily practices during and after school so they can achieve the goal they all desire which is to win district.

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