Athletic Trainers Promote Wellbeing of Students

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The athletic trainers are the super hero’s behind the scenes. They attend every injured player and help recover the athletes till they are 100%.

The trainers are currently attending to the soccer players during their season and soon, they will be assisting baseball/softball, track and golf.

“Basically, athletic trainer do not have an off-season and are on the go fro August to mid may.” said Athletic Trainer Bryant Grice.

With sports constantly overlapping each other, the trainers can hardly ever catch a break! With the help that Grice and Rachel Cocek receive from the student trainers, their crazy schedule is lifted off their shoulders.

“During games and practices we provide players with water,” said senior student trainer Maggie Quintana, “when and if necessary, the student trainers wrap the players injured area so they can play and stay safe during the game.”

Although athletic trainers face an immense amount of responsibility, Grice has no problem whatsoever helping the athletes continue playing what they love.

“Athletic training is an amazing profession and I have loved every moment since I arrived at Lamar in 2012,” said Grice, “helping student-athletes overcome injuries is very rewarding.”

Cold or hot, the trainers are outside watching the games and prepared to run on the field when they are needed for any kind of situation.

“I’ve handled emergencies such as athletes becoming unconscious, stopped breathing, and heart stop beating,” said Grice, “athletic trainers are equipped and receive highly specific training and education to handle any athletic injury or emergency no matter how big or small.”

Senior student trainers smile with no regret on their face when they are on the sidelines of every game. They have loved and enjoyed every second of this outstanding learning experience.

“There was never a day I did not laugh” said Quintana. “I learned so much throughout my experience as a student athletic trainer.”

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