JROTC and its Impact on Students

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People always question and wonder about JROTC’s  purpose for students, JROTC stands for Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps it’s a program that’s  military- regulated designed to offer high school students leadership experiences and motivate them to become better American citizens.

JROTC is meant  students the importance of graduating high school and consider college and other educational and employment opportunities including the military.

“I enjoy the people really easy class, very student interactive, we learn leadership by telling each other what to do.” said sophomore Angelia Rangle.

JROTC classes are held at the Newcomer center students are lead by their peers, there’s a flight commander and squadron commander, flight commander is above the squadron when you  address both commanders you address with respect,  whoever is higher than you in the JROTC you must give respect.

“It has been a positive impact on my view of joining the military as well, it has given me more outlets and talking places for people who have been in the military and recruiters as well.”  Said Senior Reagan Sigafus. “ROTC has been a positive impact that has introduced me to great people and we are like a family.”  

Recruiters come and tell students about their branches, people often ask students in the JROTC if the  only way they can join is if they’re planing on going to any of the U.S. branches.

“You don’t have to pursuit in the military force to join JROTC it’s  for everyone to have an experience in the program to find a benefit from it , all the commanders hope.” said Rangle.

JROTC doesn’t  only show students the importance of being a great citizen, it gives the students a positive impact on students who are looking forward to joining the military , it provides more outlets with, the talking places with people who had experience in the military and recruiters as well.

“I do plan on attending the military, because college is very expensive and I always wanted to be apart of something.” Said Sigafus.

The program provides a lot of life guiders, helps build a lot of independence within a person, provides structure and skills. Lastly,  it enhances one’s abilities to work with a team and grow more and more as a citizen.

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