Vase Competition Inspires Students

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This year many students from Lamar High School participated in the Visual Art Scholastic Event (vase) for a chance to win scholarships, have their artwork displayed, and receive intel on how to improve their artwork.


The VASE competition is sponsored by the Texas Art Education Association, and many teachers are encouraging their artistic students to showcase their masterpieces to be critiqued by a panel of judges. It also an opportunity for the teachers to showcase their students’ talent, ability, and growth. The event is a the largest student art competition in Texas and recognizes outstanding visual art pieces from students all around the district. Although the VASE competition is based on students, their mentors and teachers play a big role in encouraging and assisting them in developing their artwork.


“The VASE competition gives them a chance to enhance their skill level, and creativity” said ¬†art teacher Trisha Turner,” It gives them the opportunity to discuss their artwork with other teachers that are¬†familiar with the elements of art and principles of design”.


The students are rated on several categories. The categories are the intention of the artwork, how they use the elements of principle of design when they are creating the artwork, and the technical skills in using the media in their artwork. Any student that scores 51-60 earns a regional medal, and the top 10 percent out of that group goes to state to represent the region.


“Vase is a great exposure for the students because it allows them to talk about the intention of the artwork” said art teacher Lee E. “My job is to facilitate and encourage the students to help them realize their vision”.

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