History made with 2020 Grammy Awards

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This year Grammy nominees  were very indifferent compared to last year especially with the new artists that have been taking up a storm with their music in the industry. This year winners were very unexpected especially for the awards that only one person  won majority of them and from the comments after the Grammies her fan base was pleased.

Billie Eilish won multiple awards from her album “Bad Guy” which also won the record of the year and four more awards.Billie Eilish music genre Indie, Alternative Rock, Electropop & Pop music. Fans’ favorite song is “Bury A Friend” did not make it to the grammy nomination but has by far has the most viewed video besides “Bad Guy”.

Nipsey Hussle pasted away last March and for remembrance of him, his newest song “Racks In The Middle” dropped and made Best Rap performance grammy . Despite on the sadness of Nipsey death his music will keep his legacy alive and now that he won a Grammy it has officially been stamped that he is one of many legends that are gone. Best Rap song winner 21 Savage ‘A Lot” featuring J.Cole which the sing came out in 2018, although 21 Savage have been making music since 2017.

Lizzo is one the hottest artists R&B/pop artist that have been shinning since before she made music. Lizzo was originality know for her phenomenal flute playing talent ,which was the foundation of her career that would eventually made her famous. “Truth Hurts” won best pop solo performance , “Jerome”  won best traditional R&B performance and “Cuz I Love You ( Deluxe) in total she won three grammys which is very expressive for a person who is fairly new to the music industry. Lizzo is a influential artist when it comes to women empowerment and feminism all that circles around her music.

This year Grammy nominees were all fairly new to the music industry and they are making mark with society. Making those before there time proud of the hard work they put into even allowing the black culture to even play their music on the radio.  Even though many of the legends are gone those who are here now will forever and continue to keep the music legacies alive.

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