Senior Jackson Walker prepares to serve during a day tournament on March 8th. Photo Credit: Grayson McGeath

Varsity Baseball team holds high hopes after early season losses

The Lamar Varsity Baseball team is keeping their hopes high after a rough start to their season. Following losses in early tournament matches against the Paschal, Bell, and Memorial High School teams, the Lamar team is working harder and longer to improve and motivate themselves.

“We just have to keep pushing and take these losses and put it towards winning,” Senior Brayden Chambers said. “We just got to work hard every single day.”

The members of the baseball team are very close, making communication and teamwork simple to achieve on the field.

“We love playing with each other and we are all best friends off the field,” Chambers said.

The head coach Paul Kino is hoping to take these tough losses and use them to motivate the team and improve their results against easier teams.

“We play very good people and in hard tournaments, because that’s what I believe makes you better,” Kino said. “We’re growing together through these tournaments so we can play our best baseball when we get to district.

Despite these early losses, the team has strong hopes of big wins and a long a run in the playoffs.

“It’s all about getting to district and playing your best in district so you’ve got a chance to go to playoffs,” Kino said. “I think we’re a playoff team.”

Grayson McGeath

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