Anatomy of Gray UIL One Act Review: A Showstopper

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Putting on a play in 40 minutes is tough. Putting on a play that manages to balance both drama, emotional depth, and a touch of humor in 40 minutes is extra tough, but our Lamar Blue Curtain’s production of Anatomy of Gray as part of their One Act Play UIL competition was a showstopper that managed to keep me enthralled throughout the whole performance.

Blue Curtain’s One Act Play has them putting together a multiple act play, and compressing it and having it performed in a 40 minute time span. Our Blue Curtain chose the Anatomy of Gray, a story centering on the small town of Gray, Indiana in the 1880s. After her father’s death, main character June prays for a healer, and believes her prayer is answered when doctor Galen Gray blows into town in his hot air balloon. But June’s happiness quickly turns to sorrow as her town’s residents are struck by a mysterious plague.

Blue Curtain showed their expertise by tackling their time limit head on. The plot of Anatomy of Gray was dramatic and fast-paced, without feeling overwhelming, and the narration fit between scenes helped move the plot along and made sure the fast-paced production was free of plot-holes.

The star performer, Ashlyn Adamowicz, played her character June with such natural grace and confidence, but still giving us a good insight into her insecurities and love-struck emotional state.

Quick-paced, and packed full of emotion and drama, this One Act production is a delightful insight into the hardships of rural areas in the 19th century, and a shoo-in to qualify for the Regional competition.

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