Boys basketball season affected by off-court injuries

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Lamar’s basketball varsity faced four ankle injuries and one pulled hamstring throughout the season. 

When the season began, one player sprained his ankle causing him to be benched for District.  One other player was out for the whole season due to ankle injuries. 

“Before the season started, we already had our key player injured, so it really hurt and our point guard was also injured as well,” said senior Dmarian Miller. “This season was embarrassing; we didn’t get to be on top and win every game as I hoped we would.”

Throughout the basketball season, the varsity team had gotten a 4-25 overall score, and a 0-12 overall in district.  

“We would have had a better season with more depth and a better overall if we didn’t have so many injuries, ” said head coach Terrance Lofton.

Since the last varsity football game was Nov. 3, and the first game of the basketball season started on Nov. 12, many of the football players had gone to play in the basketball season.

“We were really hoping for some football players to help out our team, but the injuries had still taken our season away,” Miller said.

Lofton said he knew how to make next season a better one for the team, and hopefully do better than this year’s current season.

“If we stay healthy, then we would be able to concentrate more on the game but we have still learned a lot this year and we know what to expect now,” Lofton said.

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