Fall choir party promotes bonding

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The choir gathered on Sept. 22 for their fall party in Gym C. The party consisted of dancing, dodgeball and a series of events.  

The fall choir party is an event that is done at least once a year. It is exclusive to only choir students and is set as a way for the students to connect with one another and create friendships.  Choir assistant Greg Haugen said the party appeared to be enjoyable and there was minimal chaos.

“There were no altercations… except a lot of people were having a really good time, eating pizza and playing dodgeball, which was fun,” choir assistant Greg Haugen said.

Choir Teacher Cassandra Kirby also said the party was a success.

“I guess you could say the only altercation was color war,” she said.

The choir directors provided colored chalk to the attendees and allowed them about 10 minutes at the end of the party to throw the colored chalk at each other. They called this the color war.

The choir party gave students the chance to interact with other students who are not in their classes.

“It’s a chance for our younger students to meet the older students and for the older kids to meet and start mentoring the younger kids as well,” Haugen said. “It’s a good time to just mix everybody up.”

The choir club hopes to teach students to maintain healthy relationships and to feel like they are a part of something, but also help them learn how to work together, Haugen said.

“Choir helps give opportunities to students who want to be leaders,” Kirby said. “One of the things we do is we split our choirs into sections so we will put them into sectionals, and especially for our seniors we give them the opportunity to be section leaders and be able to lead their sections at rehearsals.”

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