Lamar to host Robotics First Competition

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On Dec. 11 the Lamar robotics team will host the Robotics First Competition that will take place in Gym A at Lamar High School from 7 a.m. – 3 p.m.

The Lamar robotics team will not be physically competing in the competition. The competition includes 30 teams from all over North Texas that will compete against each other.

“I’m very excited to give other robotic teams the opportunity to show off their robots and S.T.E.A.M and abilities,” said robotics coach Dennis Pugh.

The Lamar robotics team just returned from Best Robotics UIL State Championship in Frisco, Texas. The competition was Dec. 2 through Dec. 4. They brought home two awards for their display case in the 100 Hall: Elegant Robotics Award and a participation award. 

“It’s a very prestigious accomplishment to be offered to host an event,” Pugh said .

It was announced on Nov. 9 that the LHS team advanced to the state championship. The team hasn’t advanced to state in more than 2 years for Division I in Texas robotics. 

“Our greatest strength is utilizing the ability of individuals to get a goal accomplished in a manner greater than what one person could do,” Pugh said.

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