Softball Breaking Records with Outstanding Season

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The softball season’s been nothing short of gripping with a recent legendary win against Martin and another game tonight against Sam Houston.  

Fighting against teams like Paschal, Arlington High, Western Hills, and Bowie, the softball team’s proven themselves fierce fighters – even going so far as to break a fifteen-year losing streak against Martin Wednesday night.  

“We beat Martin for the first time in a long time,” Varsity Coach Ken Livingston said, “It was a long game with high stakes and we’re just thrilled about it.”  

With the advancing competitions, the team remains excited and ready to face whatever challenges arise, maintaining a close, tight-knit bond no matter what comes.  

“It’s a great environment where you get the chance to meet new girls and make life-long friends that will love you for you and have your back,” Said senior Tatiana Ayala. “being a part of this program has improved my athletic abilities and changed my life for the better.”  

Many have a history with the sport, and it’s taken many years to build up their skills to now, with players joining together to help one another and encourage growth from mastery to beginnings.  

“I’ve been playing for about 4 years up until high school and I fell in love with playing,” said junior Dawna Berry. “I got to know some of the players older than me who really impacted my love for the game and inspired me to get better every day. I love what a team feels like and wanted to be a part of that in high school.”  

Their bond seems as strong as ever, even against the weight of recent loss this year with the passing of Faith Whittaker and Jessica Brown, Whittaker a beloved player on the softball team. 

“Anytime we have adversity like with our player, Faith, passing on, you just have to find a way to come together as a team and almost like a family to share that common bond and remember both a good friend and a good person.” Livingston said.  

The team hopes to make it to playoffs, and end the year with a positive outlook and successful season.  

“We’ve still got some games left in the season until we reach playoffs and there’s a lot of good athletes involved in that,” Said Livingston. “I’m always a little nervous, but we’ve got a very talented Varsity team so I’m mainly excited.” 

And with their strength and teamwork, it wouldn’t surprise anyone to see them bring home the trophy.  

“We all have our eyes on the prize but understand that comes with sacrifice every day,” Berry said. “I believe I can speak on behalf of all the team when I say that we are ready to do whatever it takes.” 

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