Forman’s Bestseller Proves Worthy

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If I Stay” was written by Gayle Forman. This book revolves around the main character Mia and her family. I first found this storyline interesting several years ago when watching the movie in theaters. 

This book is a beautiful tragedy about how a young teen has to make a decision between life and death. The story begins with Mia and her family experiencing a snow day. While they’re eating breakfast, they talk about Mia’s boyfriend Adam’s band “Shooting Star.” 

 In the middle of their breakfast, the sun comes out of the clouds and shines through the kitchen window. 

 Mia and her family decided since school was canceled it would be a good idea to visit their family friend named Henry – they get on the road and drive towards Henry’s house. On their way, they go down this curvy road – the streets were slippery, which caused another car to crash into them and flip their car over. 

After the accident, Mia wakes up to notice that she’s at the site of the crash. She tries to call out for help but no one responds. Soon, Mia realizes that she’s not in her physical body because she witnesses EMT’s pulling her body out of the car. As she has this out of body experience, Mia overhears that her mother died on the scene. Her father, brother, and her are being transported to the hospital immediately. 

This book is very emotional because throughout the entire story Mia has to make a decision about if she wants to stay alive or pass on. 

It’s a very good book – I cried reading it because it takes you on a real emotional rollercoaster. 

My favorite part of the book was when her grandpa talks to her in the hospital while she’s in a coma, but she still hears him because she’s still going through her out of body experience.    This encounter was very emotional to read because he told her that if she wants to stay then she needs to fight for her life – but if she wants to go then he wants her to know it’s okay and he loves her very much. 

This book book of course began as a movie. The “If I Stay” film was released in 2014 and it is still very moving. I’ve seen the movie many times over the years and it’s still the most impactful movies I’ve ever watched. 

 I definitely recommend reading the book and watching the movie. They both will have you fighting back tears .

Gayle Forman created a sequel to “If I Stay” and it’s called “Where She Went.”

 I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but this book is about the decision Mia made and where did her decision ultimately takes her. 

Did she choose to stay or did she decide to go? Read “If I Stay” and “Where She Went” to find out her fate. 

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