Lana Del Rey Enchants Fans

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On September 19th 2023, Lana Del Rey had a concert at the Dos Equis Pavillion. 

Lana had an amazing show and the crowd was so pumped up to see her perform live. The whole environment was electric and comforting. 

The concert had a rough start due to a heavy thunderstorm but not even the rain can keep fans away from seeing her live. She was very interactive with the audience and also cared about their safety. 

She started the concert off with a well known song which had the crowd cheering and singing along. Lana’s energy made everyone feel welcomed and loved as she kept thanking the crowd for being there and all their support towards her. 

Lana even took a moment to address the standing room only crowd near the stage by taking items that the fans brought her. In particular, the famous red heart shaped sunglasses that she references in a few of her songs for example, one of them is called “Diet Mountain Dew”. It was a special moment for a fan when Lana took their glasses and tried them on. She eventually gave the glasses back but it was still an experience of a lifetime. 

The music that she sang came from various albums that she created. Hearing her live was truly a life-altering experience. It felt like the crowd was floating on clouds and hung onto every word she sang. 

Everyone had an amazing time no matter the circumstances. Lana is a very spectacular artist and her voice is one of a kind. She is an incredible and caring human being. 

This concert exceeded my expectations and went beyond anyone’s beliefs. It was truly a blessing to see her sing all the fan’s favorite songs. She unfortunately wasn’t able to sing the last two songs due to another storm coming in. Fans were upset but understood her concern for everyone to make it home safely. 

In the end, she made a loving speech towards her fans and thanked them for everything they have done for her. I would highly recommend seeing her in concert. 

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