In-Person Expectations

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The moment everyone has been waiting for since August 17th is here: “in-person school.” 

Of course, this school year is going to be a bit difficult due to the pandemic. But this happens to be the best solution for  teachers, staff, and students. 

Mr. Hagman is expecting 59% of students to go in-person and 41% of students to continue with virtual learning. On September 28th, students whose last names begin with A-L will attend in-person from the 28th-29th while students whose last names begin with M-Z will do virtual. Then, M-Z students will begin their in-person learning on September 30th and October 1st, as A-L switch over to virtual.

Students should arrive on campus between 7:20-7:35. If you are eating breakfast at school, be on campus before 7:20. Students will not be able to eat breakfast in the cafeteria; students will have to eat their breakfast in their classrooms. In addition to breakfast, lunch will also look differently. There will be four different lunch periods to account for social distancing. Your teacher will tell you which lunch you’ll attend, which may be different for A and B days.

As students attend school, expectations will be very high. Masks must be worn at all times throughout the whole school day– nose and mouth must be completely covered and students must maintain social distancing whenever possible. If masks aren’t worn, or worn incorrectly, students will have two warnings. The third time they have to be told to wear their mask properly, they will be automatically be sent to their AP’s office. The first visit results in two days at-home learning, the second time one week at-home learning, and the third time means at-home learning for the rest of the grading period.   

During passing periods students will walk on the right side of the hallway while social distancing. Water fountains will not be available; therefore, water bottles will be given to students. Restrooms will only be available during asynchronous times and will require a pink pass from the teacher. 

Students will be responsible for bringing their computer, computer charger, and headphones. In classrooms, students will have assigned seats and will be taught at the same time as students who are virtual. Students who are in-person learning will be expected to have patience and courtesy as the teachers aid those who are virtual. 

Let’s make this odd year be a great and safe year for our teachers, staff, and students.


Tyianna Millsap and Asiah Darden- Simmons contributed to this article.


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