Paper trails uncover lack of recycling program

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After the recycling company used by AISD began charging $50 per bin at the start of the school year after years of free service, the district’s recycling program came to an abrupt halt.

AISD board members declined to extend the recycling company contract. While this may not seem like an issue, over time the issue could become a growing problem. To put in perspective, that’s at least two bins on each campus with 76 schools in the district, equaling up to 152 bins at  a cost of $7,600.

“I want to get back on recycling; we need a ton of paper to be gone. I want more improvement once we get back on recycling and especially, I would love for each individual to be more aware of the environment,” principal Andy Hagman said.

Since July 2008, AISD has recycled 1,525.187 tons of paper, 104.62 tons of cardboard, 55.18 tons of plastic and aluminum, and two tons of e- waste. The district is reviewing options with Moore Recycling and other recyclers to find out the best reasonable long-term solution; the district has called for extra trash pick ups to prevent an overflow of trash on the campuses.

“We need to own up to our responsibilities and strive to better our planet,” Hagman said.

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