National Sex Trafficking Awareness Day

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January 11th is awareness day for human trafficking, initially beginning in 2010. This day deserves so much apperception to all the women and children that’s been through all the trauma and fear, who had fought for survival just to live another day.

The percentages increases every year of every hour of  every minute of every second, our children, our women are disappearing in vans that leads them across the United States, across the world to be brought into sex traffic. There are about 40.3 million of trafficking victims globally , human trafficking is a $150 billion a year industry , 17,500 people are trafficked into the United States, 81% of trafficking victims are trafficked for sexual purposes. 51% of adult victims of slavery develop PTSD in case  you are wondering PTSD is short for post- traumatic stress disorder , a mental  health condition that causes a person to be triggered by a terrifying event , the symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares and serve anxiety as well as uncomfortable thoughts about the event.

August 7,2019 More than a dozen teens in Dallas rescued during FBI sex trafficking sweep, FBI – led operation officials arrested sex traffickers and recovered more than 100 child victims in Texas and across the country. The city of Dallas came in only second to Las Vegas in the number of teens being brought into sex trafficking. In all 13 juveniles were recovered and identified in Dallas, operation Independence Day also found 3 teens in Houston and 4 in San Antonio that are believed to have been in the sex trade. 103 underaged victims were identified or recovered nationwide and 67 suspected traffickers were arrested, local teens in Dallas are sold every year for $99 million for business.

September 12,2019 Tremont Blakemore  may have trafficked hundreds of victims, according to the feds keeping them under his control through violence, intimidation and frequent threats. Known as running Large – Scale Human Trafficking Ring. February 2019 a few months after he was indicted on promotion of prostitution charges in Dallas County, during federal investigation into his alleged human trafficking organization , investigators talked to seven potential victims according to the witnesses, Blakemore a “environment of paranoia” is what the federal agent describe the situation. Had frequently physically attacked the women, he encouraged the women he trafficked to get a tattoo of his  street name “Macknificent”.  When one of Blakemore victims had the desire to leave he body slammed her into an air conditioning unit leaving her body bruised, bloodied, and severe back injuries, just to make an example for the others if they had the same desire.

To avoid these situations for your safety and others, always be aware of your  surroundings and act swiftly if anything becomes suspicious.

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