Streaming Services Vying for Control of Market

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With Disney+ releasing recently, the streaming world is becoming more packed and competitive. Streaming has taken over the film and TV industry and has made previous forms of watching obselete.

However, many fans of Disney and their creations, are disappointed with the issues already appearing.

“I don’t like the glitches, but I can deal with them. They don’t affect my watching experience.” said user Gabi Krempa.

A few more problems that people are facing are the fast-forwarding and the lack of a watchlist.

“The fast-forwarding is difficult, and since there is no watchlist, you have to manually search what you want each time instead of just having all of the shows you are watching on one bar for you to click on.” said Krempa.

Fortunately, for many, the myriad of choices leave many users excited to utilize the new steaming service.

“They are not overwhelming at all, I am actually excited about the options.” said Krempa.

Besides these problems, many enjoy Disney+ very much and think that it is an efficient streaming platform. However, perhaps their largest competitor, Netflix, remains steadfast in their spot as ‘reigning champion’ among other platforms. For many consumers, Netflix acts as one’s introduction to the world of streaming.

“Netflix is pretty user-friendly, but it can be annoying at times.” said Brook Tekle, a user of a competing service, Netflix. “One big problem that I have with Netflix is when they get rid of a TV show or movie that I want to watch. They have enough movies and TV shows to watch, but compared to others, their options are becoming obsolete.

Another service, Hulu — while not quite as popular as its competitors, features a wide variety of shows; many of which, such as ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ have won numerous awards.

“Hulu is user-friendly in the sense where it recommends you shows based on your taste and it is very on point with the shows that they recommend you.” said Joseph Roberts, a Hulu user. “The live TV is a cool option that is uncommon for other services.”

Unlike Disney+ or Netflix, customers on Hulu can opt for advertisements before the episode or sprinkled throughout. While not as favored among users, it presents differing price options for one’s own needs and wants.

“The ads on Hulu can be annoying but sometimes you get an option on whether or not you want ads during the episode;” Said Roberts, “if you don’t want ads during the episode, then you have to watch all the ads before you watch the episode.”

The streaming industry has certainly carved a niche for itself in the modern world, and with such a plethora of options, it’s truly up to the consumer for which service suits them best.

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