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September Sheds Light on Suicide Prevention

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In 2008, September was declared as “National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month”. 

Suicide is a strong topic that makes people uncomfortable but it’s something that should be talked about. In individuals between the ages of 10-14, suicide was the second leading cause of death. 

It is believed that suicide is not a subject that is talked about openly because no one likes to think about their loved ones actually following through with the act. Most people tend to avoid the topic because they believe if suicide is mentioned then it promotes the idea, which is not true. 

This subject should be an open topic for conversation because it can actually allow someone to be able to express themselves. Expressing one’s feelings can help and give the person comfort knowing they are not alone and not needing to keep their feelings and thoughts bottled up. If people were able to talk freely about their feelings, they can seek out help if needed.

If you’re not comfortable talking to a friend, then you can also seek professional help. There is an anonymous “Suicide Hotline” or if you prefer there is a text line. The number to call the hotline is 988 and the textline number is 741-741. 

It’s so amazing that Suicide Prevention Month was created by putting a spotlight on a topic that was not very accepted in the past. This month promotes people to share their stories and help encourage others to keep navigating through life’s obstacles and looking forward to a brighter tomorrow. 

Always know you are not alone and there’s someone out there who loves and cares about you. 


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