Viking Varsity Basketball Reaches Their Top Season

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Vikings Varsity Basketball takes the lead 8-0 in districts and is holding a 18-5 record since the start of their overall season. The boys faced North Crowley at North Crowley on Friday night and took a win at their home court and ended the game 44-37.

“North Crowley is our biggest opponent” said junior Cameron Brady ” I’m looking forward to playing them again and showing them the new team that we’ve become and that we can continue the competition.”

The new Varsity head coach, Coach Gilbert, has completely reshaped the team and exposed their potential. Vikes faced competitive teams in their pre-season scrimmages and still stood out in all tournaments because of coach Gilbert’s new take on the team.

“When I first came here I looked around and noticed we have no recent playoff banners” said coach Gilbert “I wanted to get these seniors and let them get a taste of being in the playoffs before they go off”

Coach Gilbert has set high morals and standards for the team in order to reach the goals he has set for the team. Drastic changes have been made in the teams practice schedules and their discipline has been affected through the process.

“We needed to be a lot more disciplined and structured, we needed to be a lot more dedicated to the game of basketball” said Coach Gilbert “I knew we had good players. getting the to pay together and for one another was and is a big deal for me.”

The Vikes will soon face some of their biggest opponents in districts including Paschal, Bowie and North Crowley again. With the teams connection and bond that the coach has helped create, the Vikes heavily prepare for the upcoming games.

“Coach Gilbert is all about business” said junior Cameron Brady “we’re all brothers, we can talk about everything with coach and our whole team.”


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