Lamar Prepares to be “Heart Safe Certified Campus”

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Lamar High School is proudly working to become a Heart Safe Certified School. 

Recently, a non-Lamar student was on our campus for a sporting event and experienced cardiac arrest. Fortunately, there was a first responder (firefighter) on campus at the time. With the assistance of a Lamar Athletic Trainer, the two were able to assist the young player. 

With this situation in mind and the uncertainty of when such a medical emergency can occur – there is no better time than right now to equip Lamar with the right tools.

“I am trying to gather teachers to volunteer and create a medical reserve team,” Lamar Nurse Kayla Dunn, says. “All assistant principals and security guards on campus are working to be CPR certified.” 

It is very clear that as a school, Dunn wants Lamar to not just feel more prepared but to be more prepared for such a medical  event.

Currently, there are five on campus AED machines. Dunn would love to have more of these life-saving devices around the large campus.

”I have been talking to Principal Maroney and we will be ordering at least one more, but I’m hoping for two” Dunn adds. “My goal is to have our voluntary campus medical team ready after the holiday break.”

By the time we have the team up and ready Dunn would like to do a drill every semester just as we would do a fire drill. The team would report to a specific room with a mannequin and perform their specific jobs respectively. 


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