Lamar Encourages Students to Learn New Values and Social Skills

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On November 28th, the school will be hosting a LHS Male Leadership Summit for all students who want to attend. This event will take place on campus from 8 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. 

This summit will include community leaders, district leaders, and The Arlington Chamber of Commerce who will address some concerns about life issues that students will encounter later on in life. Another topic of this event will be emotional issues – how to handle adversity and how to still succeed. This information can guide them to overcome challenges.

“We want our students to get exposure to some of our community leaders, as well as an opportunity to gain insight on what their path has been to their point of success in their life,” Lamar Counselor Clarissa Savoy said.

There will be multiple topics that will include “He ain’t heavy, he is my brother” which will talk about brotherhood and responsible decision making. The next topic is “Identity” – facing adversity and overcoming challenges.

Another topic is called “You can’t get in trouble for being mad,” it will talk about how you won’t get in trouble for being mad but instead how you could manage your actions when you’re angry. This topic is very important because it will cover men’s mental health, self-esteem, and emotional regulation.

One last topic is “Read the room”. This topic will cover social and self awareness. The topic will go in depth about being careful of who is in your “circle” of friends/peers.

“Sometimes we need to be aware of who we are influenced by and if they’re really a good person to hang around,” Savoy said.

Many will face adversity or some type of challenge throughout their life. Most people have a hard time working throughout their problems but this summit will help guide them through their tough issues.

This leadership summit is not only providing an outlet of opportunity but it also deals with some real topics a person can face. These challenges can impact many students and their way of thinking.

The event is open to all students but they do have to register – you can scan the QR code provided in this story. This will help staff keep count and see how many students they will accommodate. 

“We want to make an impact on those students who would like to better themselves through this summit,” Savoy said.


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