Cyberpunk 2077 – Breaking Everyone’s Trust

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On December 10, 2020 more than 8 million pre-ordered the most hype game of all time, after three delays, and countless of teaser trailers of the game looking its best everyone knew this wouldn’t fail to their expectations. Little did we know the lies that CD Projekt Red have been telling us for years.

The game came out and millions of people on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC have gotten so many glitches, bugs, game crashes and even the game running at 15 frames per second. The game showed it wasn’t close to ready as many players demanded refunds which everyone was granted till December 21. the game was so bad that PlayStation took the game off their PlayStation Store which hurt CD Projekt Red.

I was one of the people who pre-ordered the game and played it on a PS4 Pro, and spent over 100 hours on the game, in my experience I had more than 20 bugs and and 5 game crashes throughout the whole game. In the start the game they let you create your character named V customizing everywhere of his or her body literally. Then you get to choose a three life paths a nomad who you live outside of the huge city making you know little about it, street kid who you lived in the city all of your life and knows the city very well, and finally corpo who you always worked as a greedy corporate worker which your know how to negotiate for your benefits. Now all three have different unique intros showing the world of Cyberpunk 2077, the game remains the same the all for lifepaths expect with only one or two different side quests and different dialogue choices. Now before the game came out Cd Projekt Red said that every choice you make with always have consequences to the world this later was false as more than 98% of all dialogue choices have no effect whatsoever.

But how’s the world of the future, it feels pretty empty. The world looks beautiful with the futuristic looks and tons of corporate advertisement some that are wild, but the world is empty the tons of stores that are in the game are closed when it looks like its open, most side quests and gigs most are rinse and repeat. The some side quests that are unique is when the game shines that is if your console or PC and run the game.

The main story was interesting when it work the game was beautiful and immersive, the likable supporting characters that have deep stories themselves if you spend time with them. So the story goes after a robbing gig of a chip that V puts in him or her head. After V’s fixer finds out he kills V but the chip saves V with a cost that in the chip you meet Johnny Silverhand who is played by Keanu Reeves, a terrorist who nuked a whole corporation, his soul is trapped in the in chip and tries to take over your body killing you. The whole game is V finding a way to take off the chip without dying.

The story is well voiced acted and a interesting story that can get you hooked, but as of right now the game is not ready to be played its badly broken, most of players are going to play this with the past generation of consoles which barley run the game. I recommend to everyone to wait for this game to get fixed from frame rates to game crashes, but if these problems didn’t exists the side quests and gigs should be reworked to not being copy and paste. Its a 4/10 of the broken futuristic game it tried too much it can handle.

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