Fun Things To Do This Spring Break

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With Spring Break coming up next week, there are tons of fun things for you and your family or friends to do that are COVID-19 friendly. Social distancing and wearing a mask are very important to help prevent the spread of COVID. This year there are plenty of opportunities to stay safe and enjoy your spring break at the same time.

Activities such as going to the beach, visiting a theme park, going camping , and going to the zoo are , and can be COVID friendly activities. Many students at Lamar have already made plans for this 2021 Spring break and you should make some too!

A lot of students have exciting plans for spring break. But Alex Rodriguez, a junior at Lamar High school, has even more exciting plans to go visit her grandparents in the Dominican Republic. Alex and her family have planned this trip for months, but with the disease going around, they’ve had to take precautions with traveling to a different country.

“ My mom told us to carry extra masks in our bags and hand sanitizer just to be safe “, Alex says. There are over 200,000 COVID – 19 cases in the Dominican Republic, so it’s extremely crucial that Alex and her family stay careful. “ My family decided to take a COVID test to be safe before we make the trip, so at least we know we aren’t harmful for others”. Alex’s’ favorite thing to do with her grandparents is helping them cook a big feast for everyone to eat and play family games like charades .It is always good to make time for family during the pandemic if you can.

Even though we are in quarantine, having fun will be difficult but it’s never impossible. With the school year coming to an end and spring break right around the corner, it’s important to enjoy the time we have left. The last few months of school are going to be long, dreadful, and stressful for a lot of students at Lamar, so end it with a VFND attitude and stay positive. 

“ I hope to have fun this spring break, so much stuff has been going on in the past year, I think we all just need a break so we can regather ourselves and take a deep breath”, says Alex. Let’s hope this spring break we can all take the time to take a deep breath and stay motivated with a Viking attitude!


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