Lamar Way produces ‘good humans’

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Lamar Way is an approach administrators use to welcome students by encouraging them to follow school expectations to earn prizes. 

Lamar Way is a  way to get students involved and interact with each other and learn about each other. Not only that, it encourages students to want to stay in class to earn ways to get prizes such as bluetooths, earpods, gaming headsets and gift cards to their favorite fast food restaurants, said Stephanie Miller, Lamar’s restorative practice specialist.

“Lamar Way is basically our school’s approach to building a sense of community and positive culture that values, that builds character, and is also an approach to discipline,” Miller said.  

Miller said Lamar’s values are respectful, responsible relationships.

“Those values guide how we teach each other, our staff and students… our behavioral expectations,” Miller said. 

Lamar Way is a method that helps students practice how to treat each other in a respectful way. It helps students carry on in life in a more respectful way after they graduate and go into the real world. 

“[It] gives a good glimpse on real life, having the skills to care about others and just being a good human being,” math teacher Joshua Bosley said. 

The skill set that comes from being a good human being helps students avoid trouble in their near future and after they graduate from high school. It also helps encourage students to get out of their comfort zone and expand their skills, and use them for good, Bosley said

“I look at the tickets as a way to reward good behavior,” Oller said. “I always notice the smallest simple things the students do, even if it’s as simple as handing a Chromebook to their classmate, picking up trash off the floor, handing out papers,” said Lynda Oller, intro to business marketing and finance teacher.

Oller said awarding students for simple things such as these shows them the importance of being a good human. 

I’ve never not participated in the tickets, because it’s a way for me to reward kids for good behavior, even bigger than that sometimes to reach kids,” Oller said. “Just the simple fact of us teachers showing them that we notice their good deeds may make their day or help them through something that they’re going through at home.  We just don’t know where people are at. So, anytime I have the ability to reward, I always have jumped on the wagon.”

Lamar Way makes a difference, not only students’ lives, but the teachers and staff, Oller said. This method is meant to  help improve all over the school by showing good the behavior of a good human being. 

“This method helps us teachers form bonds with students, and I encourage them to get involved with this method,” Oller said.

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