Lamar encourages all seniors to attend FAFSA Night

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FAFSA Night will be held on Oct 4th from 6-7 p.m in Lamar’s cafeteria for all seniors.

FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid and it is where the government gives out grants or loans so students can go to college based on need. This year it is required that every Lamar Senior applies in order to graduate. 

“Whenever you fill out a FAFSA, because of the financial disparity between college cost and parent income, the government bridges that gap by giving free grants and if they need to they give low interest student loans,” Go Center sponsor Dashiva Francois said.

On FAFSA Night, administrators plan to help parents get comfortable with submitting their tax information to financial aid applications and to educate students on how to use loans, accept applications and financial aid award letters. 

“Every senior should try really hard to come to FAFSA night because now it’s a requirement, unfortunately, but also you can get the process started quicker so you don’t get what they call ‘verified’ because you put the wrong information in,” Francois said. 

Seniors are encouraged to apply early to better their chances of receiving more money from loans or grants.

“It’s like, first come first serve,” senior Valeria Casas Palomo said.”If you do your FAFSA early you’re going to get more money.” 

FAFSA will not only be beneficial to all seniors, but to ones with low income households as well. 

“We have every student fill out a FAFSA application to know, hey, you might qualify for some kind of grant if you need a loan so you can go to college, you can bridge that gap,” Francois said.

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