Homecoming Dance brings smiles to students faces

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On Sept.10, Lamar’s Student Council hosted the 2022-23 Homecoming Dance in the cafeteria from 7-10 p.m. 

Homecoming is always at the beginning of the school year and its purpose is to welcome students back to school. Tickets to the dance were sold Sept. 2-7 2nd-7th during the lunches. 

“The homecoming dance was a time for kids to come together and celebrate homecoming,” Student Council sponsor Sarah Larrabee said. 

Around 300 students attended the homecoming dance and many of them claimed they had a fun time. There was a DJ, snacks and a photo section where students could take photos. 

“I thought the dance was very fun and entertaining,” junior Sharmaine Udoubak said. 

Student Council started planning the dance at the beginning of the school year. It took a few weeks of planning to get everything settled. 

“It was a lot of work, but I knew it was something kids really wanted, so it was worth it,” Larrabee said. 

Homecoming plays a big part in students’ high school experience, so when students found out about the dance, it was all they talked about. Most of the students’ feedback about homecoming was positive. 

“The best part about the dance was hanging out with my friends and making the high school experience,” Udoubak said. 

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