Photo taken by: Andy Hagman. Lori Wiggins and Deshawn Gaddie after winning Prom King and Queen.

The Last Dance

As the school year comes to an end, the seniors wrap up their last couple of days in high school by dancing the night away at prom.

Prom was Saturday, May 18th and was held for the first time ever at the AT&T Stadium. Seniors Deshawn Gaddie and Lori Wiggins were announced prom King and Queen later that night.

” I was not expecting to win Prom Queen because Maya Daniels is such an amazing person and I was certain she would get prom Queen.” said senior Lori Wiggins.

The seniors danced to a variety of music from Spanish to country all night long. Students were plastered with smiles as they remembered this to be the last event of high school before they enter the real world.

“Lamar left such a great experience on my life” senior Deshawn Gaddie said ” the coaches and friends I made from sports all impacted my high school experience in such positive ways.”

As the seniors say goodbye, the staff was thrilled to watch the students come to harmony and all have fun together on the dance floor. Seniors were emotional yet ecstatic that the last four years of high school was at an end but enjoyed the last moments.

“My years at Lamar has been fun” senior Lori Wiggins said “I learned a lot about myself and others and I definitely wouldn’t have changed where I went to high school.”

Gabby Rosete

Hi all! My name is Gabriela Rosete, but most people call me Gabby. I am a senior this year. I am the sports editor for the newspaper, so most of the sports stories you read will likely be written by me. I play Varsity soccer here and have been on varsity for three years now. I plan on attending Texas A&M Corpus Christi but I'm keeping my options open. I hope to major in Nursing and minor in Journalism. I will eventually have to attend college for six years to become a nurse anesthetist but I am so excited for the future!