Summertime Funtime

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The summer season is quickly approaching, and with school out the need for fun summer activities for teens becomes a priority. Instead of sitting at home or staring at technology, students’ summer should consist of them involving themselves in fun summer activities with their friends that they will remember for the rest of their life. Whether they’re going out with their friends or spending the day in with them,summer should not be spent alone,so here are some fun summer activities to do with the people you love.

One exciting summer activity is to visit the Perot Museum. The Perot museum is a nature and science museum filled with extraordinary and exciting things. It is a place where families and friends can learn together in a interesting setting, think about the mysteries of science, and get lost in the fascinating studies that the museum has to offer. Not only does it have great sightseeing things,but they also have fun summer camps and art classes to enhance students’ brains during the summer. If sightseeing is what student’s are looking for then the Dallas zoo is also a great place to make summer memories. In the Dallas zoo students can spend the day observing and interacting with animals that they would not usually encounter on a daily basis.

However if people don’t want to spend money to experience fun during the summer, students can get a group of friends together and have a picnic at Legacy Park. Not only can they get friends together, but they can bring their family members together too and make a great summer memory in the great outdoors. Or if students are not satisfied with nature they can hold a family and friends barbecue at their house, and not only grow their relationships with one another, but they can build new relationships with new people.

Summer is a not only a break from school, but it a chance for students to get out of their comfort zone, and experience once in a lifetime opportunities that they would usually see in movies. In the summer unforgettable memories are made, everlasting friendships are forged and happiness is experienced.

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