When Danger Calls

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During this day in age technology is all around us and more and more people are exposed to the advances of technology and all it has to offer. Cell phones are a great example of technological advances, and they are a useful tool for people all over the world. They also help with communication, finding out information, and also giving people access to apps that can help them through their everyday lives. But what happens when cell phones become an obsession? More and more people are addicted to cell phones but are unaware of the severe consequences that come with it.


What people don’t know about cell phones is that they emit radio frequency radiation from their antennas which is a form of electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic fields in the radio frequency range are seen in all type of technology from cell phones to tablets. The electromagnetic is determined by its frequency, ionizing radiation is high frequency which means it is high energy. A human being’s body absorbs energy from devices that emit radio frequency electromagnetic radiation like cell phones which can cause damage in cells, DNA, and also cause burns, sickness, or cancer. Exposure to this kind of radio frequency can cause heating to the part of the body where the cell phone is held, like an ear, arm, or any part of an individual’s face.


Precautions to take to ensure safety when using telecommunication technology is by spending less time on long phone calls or using the speaker phone during prolonged calls, sleeping with your cell phone away from your body, or simply using earphones to allow more distance from your brain tissue and your phone. Also avoid using a cell phone when the signal is weak because in an attempt to increase to the nearest network antenna the cell phone power increases to sit the maximum amount of cell phone radiation. There are also forms of protection on the backs of cellphones that limit the waves of electromagnetic frequency through the phone.


In conclusion although our cellphones provide us with tools that help with us with our everyday lives, they can cause severe issues to our body. That is why people should take these safety precautions because it ensures that their body is limited to the exposure of electromagnetic wavelengths. Happiness comes with a price.

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