Ace the AP Test with these Study Tips

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As AP testing starts this coming week, it is important that students stay motivated and get the most out of their study time. These study tips will help you ace the AP tests.

The first thing to do is make a plan for your studying. Having a time, place, and a list of everything you need to go over will help you feel prepared to get the most out of your study time.

“You can utilize study groups in order to learn information you may have missed. Working in groups allows you to answer questions you may not have thought of yourself,” Counselor Teresa Davis said.

Doing reviews and practice tests will also be beneficial. One will often do better on the test if they have seen familiar questions before. Completing practice tests in writing will help you better remember material.

“Use the Collegeboard website for practice tests and test taking tips,” Davis said. “It has sections for each subject tested.”

Before you get deep down into the material, you need to know what type of learner/studier you are.

Auditory learners are people who learn better by hearing the lesson being read aloud and can absorb information better by hearing songs or lectures about the topic. If you are an auditory learner, try reading your notes aloud, watching a video of someone explaining the lesson, or listening to a podcast.

Visual learners are those who learn easiest by seeing the information in front of them and take in information by reading or looking at something. If you think you learn better this way, try making graphic organizers, drawing symbols and pictures in your notes, or using bright highlighters, markers, or pens to make important info stand out to you.

“You should also study notes from class and make flashcards to help memorize information,” Davis said.

If you are a tactile learner, you more than likely enjoy learning by doing hands-on activities. Build models and conduct experiments to help you grasp the concept.

All of these tips are most likely easier said than done, so staying motivated is key while studying for important tests. If you start to feel discouraged, remember and ask yourself why you are studying and what you are trying to accomplish. What is your end goal?

It is also important that you give yourself time to reenergize and keep up with your health. In the midst of stressful times like the month of AP testing, it is easy to overwork yourself. Take breaks if you feel too stressed to go on. Setting alarms and timers to let you know how long you need to study can help you break up your studying times in a healthy way.

Remind yourself that you are working towards a goal and that your hard work will pay off!

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