Seniors honored at Cravens Field

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The Lamar football game on Oct. 29 was senior night, a night to acknowledge those who play sports and also contribute to sports. 

The senior night game took place at Cravens Field. The boys went against rival South Grand Prairie where Lamar’s previous coach Laban Delay coaches now. This was a personal game for the boys to win, and they went into overtime, with lots of  great defensive plays going head to head. 

“It was a good game. We went to overtime. I felt like it was a vengeance game and we took it personally, “ running back #5 LaRon Hulet said. “During our very last play, I felt like it was coming to an end.”

Although Lamar football didn’t make it to the playoffs this season, they finished their last game of the season with a score of 10-12.

“I felt like I played pretty well… it was a pretty fun game and we played our hearts out,“ linebacker #33 Amariyon Fox said. 

The football game wasn’t the only highlight of the night.  Seniors were called to the field while the announcer discussed  their sport and their contribution to the sport. The seniors were presented with a boquet of flowers and baskets of goodies. Parents joined their seniors on the field with smiles, prideful tears, and memorable pictures. 

“Seeing the team taking pictures was nice, seeing them with their families all happy and hyped,” football manager Christina Mwanza said. “Having my close friend Imani walk me out was my highlight of my senior night.”

A couple of football players talked  about their season overall and what was their spark of the season. 

“When we played Sam Houston, I scored my second touchdown, “ Hulet said. 

Overall, Friday night at the Cravens Field was a night of emotions, but also a night to remember. 

“Best part of my night was my mom walking me with the smiles on our faces, and the crowd calling my name cheering me on,” ViQueen Torrence Terrell said.

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