Brave Spaces welcomes open student discussions

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Every Wednesday during all lunches students can meet to talk about personal topics at Brave Spaces. 

Brave Spaces is a safe place  where students can talk freely about personal topics, a place where opinions are free to express. Brave Spaces is located in room 277,  and to be a part of the Brave Spaces, students have to sign up on a Google sign up sheet. The sheet informs Stephanie Miller, Lamar’s Restorative Practices Specialist, and social worker Cynthia Ward, who is attending that day, and also lets students know what topics will be discussed. Within that Google sign up sheet, students can also inform them what they would  like from the cafeteria, so they don’t have to wait in line.

“Brave Spaces lets students share things about what they have dealt with during the shutdown like their losses and other personal things,” Ward said. 

Within the past couple of weeks of welcoming Brave Spaces, a lot of students have attended the group. Over time, some people have stopped attending, but Ward and Miller still encourage students to attend to get their opinions expressed. 

“The students that have attended have had great conversations,” Ward said. “We’ve talked about BLM and COVID-19.This month we’re going to talk about LGBTQ, immigration and teen violence.” 

Having a safe place for students to share ideas and opinions about what’s going on in their community, country, and their personal life  helps students see a different perspective about school.  

“We’re trying to expect the fact that we may have different opinions and that it is important to talk about, ” Ward said. 

During Brave Spaces, opinions are respected by the Eight Rule Chart, which informs students what is set to make Brave Spaces a safe place for students to feel free to express their opinions without fear of being judged or disrespected. 

“We want everyone to know that their opinion matters to be heard,” Ward said.

In the near future, Ward and Miller will try to get some teachers to bring their classes to welcome their students to Brave Spaces and have a look at what Brave Spaces is all about. 

“We try to see what impact we can have on Lamar students,” Ward said. 

For those  interested in sharing opinions freely, attend Brave Spaces  on Wednesdays at lunch in Room 277. 

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