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Lamar Seniors Earn $1.5 Million in Scholarships

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Thursday, November 19, 2020 was the day all seniors waited for – the day they found out if they earned acceptance letters and scholarships from colleges. This event was very important not only because it gives the seniors a preview of their future after high school, but it motivates them to strive and want to go to college. That is why all senior AVID teachers have been stressing to the other teachers at Lamar to encourage their students to sign up for this great opportunity.

“Students should participate for a variety of reasons. 12 college attend and hand out acceptances and free scholarship money. At the end of the day they all get to go home happily and say, ‘Hey Mom and Dad, I’ve been accepted to college and got $300,000 in scholarships!’ It gives the students the opportunity to interact and learn more about colleges as well as help with the college process,” said senior AVID teacher Jordan Kirkham.

“There are 52 acceptance letters and counting! Jennifer Rodriguez received free tuition for all four years at Texas A&M at San Antonio. We ended up with $1.5 million in scholarships collectively,” said Kirkham.

As you can see, this event was such a great opportunity to take advantage of and not ignore, because you get to see the great side of your future and you set up a plan after high school.

“I love this event because it exposes our students to numerous colleges that they may not have heard of otherwise. Additionally, it gives them the chance to earn acceptance and scholarships,” said Kirkham.

If you are a junior this year, Mrs. Kirkham and many other teachers advise and encourage you to use this awesome opportunity next year. Many students have given feedback from it because it’s made them look at their future differently than before.

“Feedback has been overwhelming from both the students and college representatives! Students felt comfortable using Hopin platform and loved being able to talk to representatives one on one. The college reps love it because it allows them to learn more about students, put a face to a name, and make informed decisions. As one rep put it, ‘Lamar students know how to show up and bring their A game!'” said Kirkham.

Never be afraid to take on new opportunities; you never know what the outcome may be. This opportunity has brought bright possibilities to many seniors at Lamar.

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