Band ranks 5th place in competition at AT&T Stadium

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On Oct. 4, the band competed in the US Band AT&T Stadium Classic competition where they earned a second division and placed fifth out of 22 bands.

While the band team hoped to rank higher, they were still satisfied with the results of their placements. At first they were ranked in sixth place during the finals round of competition, but that evening they managed to move up to fifth place among a total of 22 bands that were in attendance. Both tThe color guard and percussion placed second in the finals.

“It’s really cool that those sections got that kind of recognition for their hard work… but yeah the whole band out of 22 other bands being 5th place is pretty cool,” band director Alan Lang said.

Hannah Bankhead, senior band president, said she thought the band did their best.

“We made finals at two of our competitions which is awesome, so yeah I’m pretty happy with how we did this season.

With band competitions,  students want to rank first, but everybody still manages to support one another and cheer each other on and acknowledge the hard work in each other’s performances.  

“They love going to competitions because they see other bands and it’s cool to see other bands that are working as hard as you,”  Lang said. “You know you see students from all these other schools and it’s fun to watch the shows and see what kind of performances they’re doing.” 

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