German students say ‘willkommen’ to new club members

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Every other Wednesday, in room 1020 at Lamar High school, members of the German club meet to talk/plan upcoming events, and dive a little deeper into German culture.  

“I look forward to actually getting to go places this year… I mean just being able to get out there and do stuff, because last year we didn’t get to participate in anything at all,” said Morgan Justice, the German teacher as well as one of the Avid teachers at Lamar.

The group is primarily student led; Frau Justice (Mrs. Justice) will periodically bring suggestions to the table, but it is ultimately up to the students on what will be done and when.  The club is primarily made up of German students, typically in Justice’s IB classes, but is open to any who want to join the club.  

Students are mostly looking forward to taking a trip to the German Christmas market in Arlington, called the Texas Christkindl Market Justice said.  However, other traditions such as Food Day, where club members will prepare and serve German delicacies to the group, and St. Nicholas Day, a German take on Christmas), will occur in the future as well.  

“Each year in early December, German kids celebrate St. Nicholas Day by leaving their shoes out for St. Nicholas to bring them treats if they were good,” Justice said.  “Or, if they’re particularly bad that year, Krampus will come and leave switches in their shoes.” 

The German club was originally started for students who attended German class in past years, but no longer had time in their schedule to take the class.  However, the club has grown into a place for all students to further, or begin, their understanding of German culture and history.  Most of the information covered in the German club is not touched on in the language class offered at Lamar. 

“I’m just really thrilled for the future, last year took a lot away from all of us and this is something fun students can look forward to,”  Justice said.

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