Late students get swept up in tardy sweeps

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Many students are wondering why Lamar officials have started conducting tardy sweeps at the start of classes.

A tardy sweep is a way to encourage students to move fast to their next class period, and to help administrators and security clear the halls to spot those students who are avoiding class. 

“The goal is to get students to class on time and just move quicker, Assistant Principal Brad Davis said. “We have a tardy policy in place to help motivate students.” 

Tardy sweep doesn’t only motivate students to move quicker to class, it also helps students find the importance of going to class in getting there at a reasonable time, Fogleman said. Preventing the tardies could also help students avoid the loss of course credits.  

“Due to the process of tardy sweep lots of students do not become tardy as much as they did during the first few weeks of school,” Dean of Instruction Erin Fogleman said. 

During the first few weeks of school many students were late to class, which began to interfere with their grades, Davis said. Many students wouldn’t have time to do their class assignments and they fell behind. 

“In the process of tardy sweep we contact the students parents to inform them their child is late to class, then we look at the students grade to see if their tardiness is reflecting,” Davis said

Fogleman said Lamar’s funding depends on attendance. Texas Education Agency (TEA) provides money based to schools based on attendance numbers. The more students physically present in class, the more money Lamar receives from TEA. 

“96-97 percent of students present is the average we want,” Fogleman said.

Administrators will continue to have Tardy Sweeps until they’re satisfied with the number of students present in class. 

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