Teachers, administrators tired of ‘foolishness’ from some students

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Principal emails community about behavior expectations, consequences

On Sunday morning, Oct. 24, Principal Andy Hagman sent an email to the Lamar Community regarding verbal and physical altercations between students at Lamar High School.

Events such as pep rallies have been canceled due to the number of fights that take place at school. Although it’s only about 1 percent of students participating in the altercations, it’s enough to cause the rest of the students to have to deal with the consequences as well as the ones involved. The 1 percent of students are causing many teachers and other staff to be frustrated and disappointed in the behavior they’ve seen throughout the school.

“I think because of quarantine, freshmen and sophomores forgot how to act in school,” senior Eric Williams said. “They act as if they can do whatever they want and not face consequences.”

Students at Lamar say they are fed up with the altercations and disrespectfulness from the 1 percent  because it affects their learning environment. It’s difficult for students to focus in class when there are students constantly in the hallways causing distractions by running and talking in the halls when they are supposed to be in class.

“It all starts at home. If a kid is being disrespectful towards their parents, then of course they’re going to be disrespectful towards other adults,” senior Alex Rodriguez-Diaz said . “I hear kids cursing at teachers all the time in the hallways, it’s straight disrespectful.”

Teachers have also complained about the way students use disrespectful language toward them in classrooms and in the hallways. Teachers are constantly getting cussed at by students when teachers or other staff tell them to leave or follow instructions. In the email, Hagman said he has complete faith in Lamars’ ability to improve.

“I feel bad for the teachers here, there’s always a student giving them a hard time about something, that’s why I try not to cause any trouble for them,” Junior Kayla Barlow said.

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