Lamar Step Wants You

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The Lamar Step Team has returned this school year and is accepting members. With fourteen female participants and just two males – there is definitely room for the program to grow.

English teacher Janelle Herron is a proud sponsor of Lamar step.

“I stepped in college and it was a lot of fun,” said Herron. “I created a lot of experiences that stem from my step team back in college.” 

Step practice is held after school at least four days a week. “Anyone can step,” insists Herron. 

Do not be afraid to branch out and become something bigger than yourself. Nobody is turned away ever and everyone is wanted and welcome on the team.

“I chose to be the sponsor so that I could show students how to lean on each other” adds Herron.

The team’s first event will be alongside our very own ViQueens on December seventh. The team has been practicing and is beyond ready for their Christmas show. January 13, 2024 is the “MLK” event. The team will have to demonstrate great dedication because they will have to practice over Christmas break.

Along with being a stepper comes scholarships opportunities for college. Lamar step is ready for you now – go make your impact on our school and a lasting one in your life.


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