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Mentors Share Wisdom with Male Students

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Last Tuesday, a panel of six male mentors gathered in the Lamar auditorium to impart words of wisdom during the Male Leadership Summit. 

 “It’s okay not to be okay,” was the underlying message of the morning. 

The room was filled with over 160 male students of different backgrounds who all made the conscious decision to attend the session. 

The panel consisted of mentors from different career fields, including Education, Law Enforcement, Legal and the Medical Field. 

During the discussion, the question of “What it means to be a man?” was raised and several students felt free to answer. 

“Being a man means showing leadership,” responded sophomore Jullian Meeks. “But I think that it also means that you have to get along with your peers no matter what they say or do that you might not like. I feel that being a man is being able to be mature about situations and being able to move past them and grow to build your character.” 

Sophomore Tyrese Johnson was very honest in sharing “I’m still learning how to be a man.” 

Through their personal experiences, the male mentors were able to give out advice on how students could turn their losses into wins while also using their skills to make their own success. 

“Find something you love, and something you want to do,” said Sergeant Robert Walsh. 

Students felt open to ask questions as well, but mostly sought advice on how to handle the stresses on society’s lack of inclusion of men’s mental health. 

Dr.Kenyon Godwin is both lead doctor and president of Active Family Wellness Center and Business. He offered students the practice of using two steps to control life’s hurdles: “One Pray and two, control what you can.” 

Closing out the summit with final words from each mentor, the personal and open atmosphere created by the mentors of the summit allowed their advice to stick with students. 

“I’ve been in your position,” reassured Sergeant Robert Walsh.


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