Lamar’s AVID Program Impresses During Nationals Visit

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Lamar is a National Demonstration Site for AVID. As a program, that means the school is in the top three percent of AVID curriculums across the country. In order for us to maintain that status, AVID Nationals visits our campus to ensure that we’re doing everything we need to do.

Wednesday served as the first run through of our program.

Today’s trip went really well and was much like a coaching visit. It was an opportunity for different people to come in and just observe classes, both AVID and non-AVID. According to Lamar English teacher Sarah Chrystie – these individuals met with students and teachers to get input on how AVID is functioning at Lamar.

Throughout the school day, many Lamar educators showed their support for the AVID program.

“AVID supports students by helping them get prepared for post-high school.”

– Stephanie Jurgens 

“Important for note-taking, support, and overall success.” 

– Scott Crawford 

“Helps with student success.”

– Cheyenne Benningfield. 

“Helps provide support for all students to experience rigorous curriculums.”

– Jennifer Payne 

“Prepares students for college and progress their skills.” 

– Charie Vaughn 

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